The selection of the most popular filaments in the cost-effective packs!
PLA+ Tasty Pack

5x300g - selection of the most popular PLA+ colors,

PLA Tasty Pack

5x300g - selection of the most popular PLA colors

PLA+ Pastel Pack

4x500g - PLA+ pastel colors

PETG Tasty Pack

5x300g - selection of populat PETG colors

PLA+ 1st. Army Color Pack

4x500g - the most common "army" colors

RePLA+ Recycled Builder Pack

3x1000g - recycled cost effective PLA

These filaments are popular for a reason!

Browse ALL of our filaments in a convenient filter-based grid.


The most popular home 3D printing material. Easy to use, does not shrink, cheap, and breadth of colors.


Relatively easy to print with low shrinkage and beautifully transparent while being tough enough for mechanical applications.


This is not your grandma's ABS. It prints easier and is available in a variety of colors.

Whether a standard filament does not fit your needs or whether you just like to experiment, we have something exciting filaments for you.

RePETG and RePLA are made from leftovers and transition spools that would otherwise be thrown away. They are mechanically identical to their 'regular' counterparts and a bit cheaper.


PLA+ prints at a lower temperature (195°C) and better than regular PLA, while having a higher impact strength and better layer adhesion. Win, win, win.


ABS-T or ABS-Translucent was engineered to shrink less than regular ABS and is thus suited for printing large objects.


ASA combines UV and water resistance with mechanical strength. It's renowned for marine and outdoor applications.


PETG with carbon fiber additive. It's stronger and stiffer than regular PETG, and has a nice matte black finish.


PETG with flame retardant properties! It's great for printing enclosures for electronics and much more.


PLA with fluorescent pigment that glows in the dark.


PLA that contains a mixture of special additives that make your models look like stone or marble.

RubberJet 32D

TPE-based, flexible thermoplastic similar to rubber. Prints with no shrinkage. “32 D” is harder than “88 A”.

RubberJet 88A

TPE-based, flexible thermoplastic similar to rubber. Prints with no shrinkage. “88 A” is softer than “32 D”

For the most demanding applications, look no further than our filaments targetted for industrial use.

Commonly used for packaging, polypropylene is somewhat flexible and is really tough. It is also highly chemically resistant.


A nylon-based, engineering grade thermoplastic with high thermal resistance, impact strength and abrasion resistance.


Engineering grade polycarbonate and ABS blend is the toughest filament out there. Unmatched for functional mechanical parts.


PEIjet is an engineering grade material that is extremely strong, heat-resistant and flame-retardant.